dead rock live rock


Reefing newb
How long would it take for a dead rock in contact with a live one to become live rock? What are some criteria for LR?
The dead rock will become live rock in the time it takes to cycle a tank, if your adding theem at the same time. A live rock is a rock that is inhabitated by bacteria that is responsible for turning organic wastes into ammonia-nitrite-nitrate-nitrous gas. They become alive quickly but do not reach their full potential for a long time, sometimes years. Live rock does not mean there is anything such as coraline, sponges, corals or polyps growing on them. Some people take it for granted that these things are a part of what makes live rock "live." They are not. These things are just nice extras that are common to good live rock, the same as hitch hikers, and macro algae.
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