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I've been battling cyano/redslime for about a month now. I've done several water changes and used peroxide injections as well as added a protein skimmer. The following week I used the vodka method and this week I've done 2 days of the sugar method. As of 2 days ago my nitrates are were down to 0ppm as well as amonia, nitrites, phosphates, and silicates. I only feed frozen emerald entree every other day just enough for my fish to consume in under 3 minutes. My Kessils are on 11 hours per day with dawn to dusk effects to gradually increase and decrease intensity. When I got home last night I notice cyano growing back rapidly and green algae on the glass. Why am I still having issues?? It's getting so frustrating as I try to clean daily.
Please help!!! Any suggestions?????
The cyano feeds off of excessive phosphates like all algae. Your method of dosing vodka and sugar are okay, but pick one or the other. Those methods are to be done continuously, and as you go you add more.

Try getting a reactor to run rowaphos or any other GFO product of your choice. Locate and isolate the source of your phosphates and eliminate that.

Also, increased flow many times will help with doing away with the cyano because you are adding flow to dead spots in the tank.
Yes I think I will stick to sugar method for now and increase flow. I have chemi pure elite in my HOB to control phosphates and silicates
Algae filters work great. My tank has red slime right now because I got rid of my up flow algae filter do to the room in the tank . now trying a mod to emp 400 to grow algae on the wheels. only problem is they take a while to get going approximately a month. my tank has all those fish and had some corals before my puffers and trigger ate them soft corals that is and only filters is an emperor 400 in the topfin 30 with no carbon and only poly fill and crushed shell agr mix.


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