Current Nova Extreme Pro 6xT5 48"

How much better are they than some VHO? I'm going to need to replace the bulbs soon would it be better just to buy this and replace these bulbs?
ATi bulbs are some of the best on the market, and the blue+ currently have the highest tested output for T5 bulbs. The color combination you use will be based on the color look you want your tank to have.
You are going to have to upgrade from VHO to keep a lot of things anyways, they are just very weak lights. I used the stock bulbs that came with the fixture for a year. They should be replaced annually. I don't remember the cost. $80 is a smoking deal fire that light.
I have one sitting in my attic I bought brand new and used for maybe 3 months. Paid like $340 but I got a 220gal so of course it is too small but just for the record that light was recommended to me and it is in my opinion the best T5 system at 48" unless you find an 8 bulb.

I am keeping mine for a coral tank one day.
Sorry. Here is a pic I found with it on the tank.

I prolly have others but just happen to see this while working.


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Thanks biff. I def think this is what I'm going to get of course once I have the funds. I shouldn't have waited for this one. Oh well wasn't meant to be. Maybe I can see how much a DIYer will charge to build 2 led fixtures. Thanks again you two
If you have a canopy you can do retrofits for around $250. Just buy the endcaps, mounts, individual reflectors, and bulbs. BOOM! your set! it'll look better than any other setup. I'm going to do retro's on my new 90G build.
Some1 on a local forum has that for his 450g. Maybe I'll ask him how to do it. Thanks. I was starting to look at that. The only thing I see bad about that is the ballast. Aren't those a lil pricey?
Whatever you decided just weigh everything against the other.

Fire Hazard?:frustrat: