Creature in my live rock


Reefing newb
I have had my tank for about 5 months now. I have live rock a clown, a rassy, a zebra eel and some coral. Recently I was trying to feed my eel and while I had his food on a stick and something came out of the rock and took it from me...needless to say, freaked me out. I have been trying to identify it and the only thing that it comes close to is a mantis shrimp. The only thing is it doesn't make any noise and I can't really tell if it has tentacles. I only have a video of it so I took some screen shots of it so I could post it. The quality is kind of poor but for now its all I have. It is purple blueish in color and lives in this rock and I have never really seen it out and about only lurking in the hole. Any help or suggestions would be great.


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Sally I tried to post video and I wasn't able to. I started feed it about two days ago and only feed it when I tried to capture it on video. Really don't want it to grow too fast. Kind of worried.
If its a Mantis shrimp, and I think it is, you dont need to worry about feeding it. Hes gonna eat whatever fish, shrimp, crabs etc that you have in there. I would think you should set a trap for it and get it into its own dedicated tank.