Coralline algae (and more) newbie questions

I have 135 gallon glass aquarium. I've had it almost a year. Had good luck so far, a bit of cyanobacteria but fought that out.
What is the common practice with coralline algae growing on the back of the tank and of the overflow boxes? Just leave it grow or clean it off?
Should I place enough rock in the aquarium so it almost reaches the top of the water level? Any suggestions on good videos on aqua-scaping a reef aquarium. I'm a little unclear if the rock goes in the middle or mostly against the glass or close to it. Does the rock need to be glued together?
Just my first round of questions.
Coralline can be cleaned or not according to your preference. It doesn't hurt anything, but some would rather a clean it off.

Aquascaping is also based on personal preferences, but the rule of thumb is between 1-2 lbs per gallon depending on density, but I think most rock will sit well at 1 1/2 lbs per gallon in my experience.

A good tip is to use lighting grid under your rock, but if you'd rather not, place the rock directly on the bottom glass and then add sand around it so there's no chance of a sand-slide-induced-rock-fall. You don't have to epoxy, but you can with aquarium safe epoxy. Make sure it cures. Anotherway is to use zip ties and trim them down. Algae and coral will eventually make them blend in.

Any more questions, feel free to ask!
My tank is viewable (is that a word?) from both sides so my rock is in the middle, thin wall but tall. I have a lot of caves and overhangs. No rocks glued but it would be nice to have them glued when I have my tooth brush cleaning off algae. Here are a couple pics


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