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My first word of advise is don't buy this product ever! I bought one new about 2 months ago for $199.99 and it has been a waste of money ever since. It overflows constantly so without the drain tube and a collection jug you're screwed. It also does not adjust well. It's either no skimmate at all or basically water. Save yourselves some money and buy a good skimmer. :grumble:
Too bad you had a bad experience!

Mine works great...I have only had it for about a month but it is doing a great job!

It is definitely touchy and I was warned at my LFS about I only adjust it about 1/2 a hair anytime. The only complaint I have is that whenever I clean it I have to readjust the setting which means I have to sit and wait in my bedroom (where my tank is) for 30 minutes and then check it again every 30 mins to make sure there is no overflow problems! I am very paranoid about overflow issues lol!

Touchy is right! I've sat on the floor messing with this skimmer for too many days and too many hours. It really does make you constantly worried about overflows...especially once you've had a nice one. I have mine drain tube running into an empty gallon water jug. About once a week it will be bone dry and then I look at it again a few hours later and its almost filled to the top with basically clear water. Actually, sometime during last night my skimmer decided to flow with water instead of skimmate. I didn't make any adjustments in 3 days so why the sudden change? I finally got too fed up with the performance and after seeing Ccapt's octopus skimmer in acting. It looks like it's pulling road tar out of the water.
Sorry to hear you have had a bad experience with them. I have heard the 220 is a pain with the pump sent with it. But I have owned two of the 65's and that is what I am running now. Every once in a while I will need to adjust the bubble height but that is just barely ten seconds.
I agree with jenna, mine works great but after every water change I have to make adjustments. I have a small bucket that sits under it on the floor just in case. I follow Yotes advice and do not make any changes unless I have an hour to keep checking it. That being said, I really love mine. My water is soooo clear and it pulls out all kinds of crap. Sorry you are having so much trouble with yours.
I came home last night and my piece of :pooh: skimmer overflowed the 1 gallon collection jug. :frustrat: At least it was mostly water so it wasn't a smelly mess. I emptied it right before I went to work and did not adjust the skimmer at all in a few days. There was no reason for it to go crazy and start dumping water. Luckily I got home in time to catch it before it drained my fuge. There was just enough water in the return pump section to keep it from burning up. :bounce: I cannot wait to stop using that junk skimmer and get a good one up and running!:Cheers:
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i have a 125 also it took 3 months for it to actually started working like it was supposed too....i will be getting a new skimmer when i can afford one.
I just bought one off Craigslist when when everybody says adjustment where do the bubbles need to be at first time I have used a skimmer?
You will have better luck starting a new thread of your own. This one is three years old. :)