my copperband was happy yesterday but when i came home from work today he was just staying still next to the rocks never worried to much and gave them there feed and he didnt show any interest but i have noticed one of his front fins had some damage best way to doscribe looks like its just rotting away and he seems to be breathing a little heavy too just he dont seem happy at all just i am starting to get worried ?????

thanks Barry
More info long have you had him? Could anyone be picking on him? If he's new, was he eating the whole time? Water parameters?
That would probably be fin rot. Make about a gallon of treated freshwater and dip him in it for about 20 seconds and take him back out and put him back in your tank. Repeat in a couple hours if its really bad.
+1 to wonton on all those ?'s. Also your tagline says you "just upgraded to a 120" how long ago? did it completely cycle before the copperband was added? A picture would be very helpful.

I'm probably in the very small minority of people on Living Reefs crazy enough to keep Butterfly's and Copperbands are not the easiest of Butterfly's to keep. Get us as much info and a picture if you can.
If it is Fin Rot it was caused most likely by injury from attack and/or unfavorable water conditions leading to stress. If the copperband is being harassed by another fish they need to be separated. If poor water conditions than a water change is in order. Possibly even a medication like Melafix should be used. A fresh water dip will only stress the fish out more.
Hm, then I was told wrong. It was suggested mainly for ich, but also other bacterial infections. Thankfully I havent done it yet.
Freshwater dips are pretty much useless, i would never do that a saltwater fish. Also a freshwater dip isnt going to kill the ich, the ich gets under the mucous coat of the fish where it is safe from the osmotic pressure change.
Yea! my powder brown tang had ich, and a Lfs owner recomended a freshwater dip the fish died nearly instantly. I felt so bad, I will never do that again.
well he didnt make it throught the night... tested water and every thing ok
amonia 0
nitrile 0
nitrate 0
ph 8.2
sg 1.025
every other fish is happy and healty in the tank ... tank has been cycled over a month and slowly introduce every thing and fish been in 3 weeks now and water parameters have been perfect because i am still testing every 3 days and every reading has been 0 gutted i lost him but did water change today to make sure there was no badness in the water but everything seems good thanks for the advice ......
I am sorry to hear that you lost him :( CBB's are fragile fish that are often hard to keep. They are one of my favorite fish and I would love to try to keep one myself, but am wary based on what I've read about their fragility. Glad your other fish are doing well
yeah love the butterfly fish the reason i bought one is i have had a break out of aptisia and i know the copperband like to eat it i also have a brissle file fish but he dont really bother and 2 peppermint shrimps but i never see them !!! and totally gutted i lost the copperband !!!!
Im going to copy over a post from another forum and I think it sums up the issues with copperbands pretty well. This is an extremely knowledgeable guy who works at one of the best LFS in Denver.

Good luck with copperbands. The first hurdle you will face is getting them to eat. After you have accomplished that your next step is keeping them alive during QT. After that is making sure they continue to eat in a reef setting (competition for food). The next hurdle is making sure that there are no fish even slightly harassing them. After that you have a SLIGHT chance that it will go after aiptasia. Even then they are very difficult to keep alive long term.

In other words this is a very very difficult fish, I would categorize it as "expert" only. It should only be attempted by someone who can dedicate the time, energy and patience for one (not saying you cant provide this Gabe, just want to make you aware of just how difficult this fish is). QT is also a MUST with this fish, not for diseases but getting them accustomed to captive life. We get them in on almost every shipment at Premier and our success rate is probably less than 20% with them, however demand is high due to the possibility they will eat aiptasia. I would say the chance of them eating aiptasia is around 20% as well.

I got a CBB a few months back and it did well in QT. Started off eating live black worms then live brine. Eventually I was able to get it off live foods and it started eating mysis. After being in QT it went into my display with no aggression from other fish. It ate well and started on pellets even. It was a very active fish and a great eater. About a week ago it hid in the rockwork for 2 days then I found my fire shrimp picking on it. It was still alive but could not swim. No sign of disease, stress or any issues before this. I euthanized the poor guy

If you do get a CBB please please QT it and spend plenty of time with it getting it ready for your DT. Please also let us know the progress!

I also highly recommend reading the Copperband Primer before purchasing. A lot of good info which should help your success rate should you chose to get one.
yeah really helpful link dont think i will get another one just a shame i lost it but it would just be better to leave them out on the reef where they belong !!!
Nice quote, fish. I had always eyed copperbands, but heard they were hard. I didn't know why they were hard though; I thought it was just the food thing. My lfs gets regular shipments, and they always feed him mysis when I ask, and they've always gobbled them up without hesitation in their tanks, but never made the jump.

So I guess even if you get them eating, there's still that risk that they just flip out one day.
every other fish is happy and healty in the tank ... tank has been cycled over a month and slowly introduce every thing and fish been in 3 weeks now and ......

Difficult fish or not, I think everyone missed the fact that the tank has just cycled just over a month butthere have been fish in there for the last 3 weeks.

Bazza, I'm sorry about your loss, but your tank is so young, and adding multiple fish after the first month is a little fast, especially with such a difficult fish. I might wait a little longer before adding. Glad the rest and doing fine though!
understand what your saying but i had a another tank that was around 18mths old and all the substrate, living rock most of the water, filter system ,corals and fish all went over to the new tank and i havent lost anything and all the live stock inverts as well are all very healthy and are doing much better in the new tank so could understand if it was a total brandnew tank !!