Contest Ted

Hey quit trying to figure life out and start living it!!! Please don't stay away for very long! We'll miss you, damnit! And besides, there's another Contest coming up that you have to win. :)
rock on dude! i'm so jealous of the zoas... i cant get mine to do as well as yours....

and you allways know i'm close if i can help.
Well anyone looking at this old builds this tank had a catastrophic heater fail. I dont really remember when...was over a year. I came home from work and noticed steam coming from the tank......opps everything died. :grumble: I have kept running the tank all this time because I am a stubborn bastard. That and I wanted to keep the rock wet and hopefully alive. Well that at least worked the tank has perfect readings and some wonderful macro algae. Oh and I noticed a friggen aiptasia also.:frustrat: Go figure, guess its true if there is a nuclear war there will only be cockroaches and aiptsia left. So in a few weeks this tank is being scuttled. The sand and macro algae will make a nice jump start for my fuge on my new 50 gallon build. This was honestly to date my favorite tank.....:Cheers: she was little and temperamental but she was a beauty.
Ok wonton just because its you I will post some pic of what the disaster looks like now. To bad I can win anything for best bubble algae in a 10 gallon tank. :frustrat: Can you see what use to be beautiful corals?


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This tank is officially done, over, gone, scrapped, out of here, fineto......She was such a good little girl until the heater boiled everything.


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