Considering a Kole Yellow Eye Tang for my 100gallon tank

I am thinking of adding a tang to my 100gallon aquarium but from most of the stuff that I read, even 100gallons is too small for most tangs.

L.A. says that a Kole tang requires a minimum of 70gallons, but I am still not sure if that means that it would be happy in 100gallons long term.
Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Kole Yellow Eye Tang

Anyone have experience with Kole tangs in 100 gallon reef aquariums?

Here's another one that I am considering:
Mimic Half Black Tang
Saltwater Aquarium Fish for Marine Aquariums: Mimic Half Black Tang, Acanthurus chronixis

I am not adding new fish to the aquarium just yet. I am giving the new rocks a couple months to mature.
It would be nice to have a tang in the new aquarium for algae duty to complement the lawnmower blenny so I am researching what would fit in well with the tank.

As far as current fish, they are the same crew from my 50gallon:
1 Amphiprion oscellaris
1 Blue-green chromis
1 Lawnmower blenny
1 Scooter dragonnet (who has started accepting frozen foods. YAY!)
I had a kole tang in my 125....had to get rid of him cuz he was a big poopyhead. He bullied my diamond watchman to death, then almost starved my lawnmower blenny to death by chasing him as soon as he'd get near the algae (I ended up making a box that only the blenny could get in to eat.)
A Kole would be fine in a 100 gallon tank, but as others have said they can be a total @%^)$#%#$ when it comes to other fish in the tank

Mine was a problem, until I added an Achilles and he showed the Kole Tang whose tank it really was....

Sadly, something is off in the water on my tank and I lost both :( My wife wants another tang from the Kole family to replace the one we lost though
Thanks guys. The Kole tang will be on my possible additions list.
What about the Mimic tang?

I will have to choose just one tang so I am shopping around for the best candidate :)