Complete 55 gal. Reef Tank For Sale - DFW Area


Rollin' with the Flow
I have a complete 55-gal Reef set up for sale. This tank is in my office and has been maintained by Dallas North Aquarium.

Asking $1500 or Best Offer.

Oceanic 55+ tank with Oceanic Cherry Stand and Canopy
Emperor 400 Bio-wheel Filter
Remora Aqua C Backpack Protein Skimmer w/Maxijet Pump
Pacific Coast CL-280 Chiller w/Rio Pump
Koralia 2 Powerhead
Corallife Aqualight Double Linear Strip Retrofit in Canopy Top
Over 100 lbs. Live Rock
Approximately 60 lbs. Live Sand
One Foxface Rabbitfish
One Regal Tang
One Longnose Hawkfish
One Percula Clown
One Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Astrea Snails, Mexican Turbo Snails, Nassarius Snails, Red-leg Hermits and Blue-leg Hermits
Colt Coral
Three Frogspawn (one beige w/pink tip; one green w/pink tip; one beige w/green tip)
Bubble Coral
Zoo Colony
Red Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms, Hairy Green Mushrooms
Large Feather Duster
Toadstool Leather (longer tentacles)
Toadstool Leather (short tentacles)
Hammer Coral
Torch Coral
Purple/Blue Ricordia Colony
Pagoda Coral

More pics available upon request.

Not interested in parting out.


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