Clownfish Pregnant?


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Hi everyone, I recently was watching my clownfish pair swimming crazy. They have been cleaning the corner of the tank voraciously on the glass. The female keeps flipping over and like barrel rolling as she mouths the glass. The male is very close to her and is picking at the glass too while he rolls on his side. Is my clownfish pregnant or what? Her girth is pretty big, and it looks as if there is a little tube sticking out of her underneath her middle stripe. What should I do if she is? Thanks. :twocents:
Quite possible :D It's not easy raising the babies, and you're not prepared to get them hatched anyway. Do nothing. If you try to rearrange things, they will stop. They will now most likely breed regularly as long as you don't piss them off :D If you ever want to breed them, you can always read Wes's thread:

Damn. Ninja'd by Erin! Good thing I love her to bits!
Yeah, I looked into the tank and there are dozens upon dozens of eggs. These two fish have them all the way up the corner of the glass on the silicone! Why on earth would they lay their eggs there? I do not know how long they have been there, because I couldn't see the eggs at first because they are in the corner and they look just like the silicone sealant. I feel really bad that these parents are taking really good care of the eggs only for the little guys not make it. It seems just a waste. Eventually I would like to try and raise the guys, after all once upon a time I raised guppies and betta's. That was a lot of work back then, and I had buku aquariums I have about three extras now. I much enjoyed watching them grow up. Anyway, thanks for all of the comments and Wes I will be in touch. :Cheers:
Put a plain tile, roughly about 4"x4" in size, leaning against the corner where they laid egg. They'll spawn again in 12-15 days. They'll very likely spawn their eggs on the tile next time.

Most people use tile, I like those 5" flower pots from home depot. Clownfish somehow loves the shape of those flower pots. They'll hang in there and also lay eggs there.
Once they start, it's not gonna stop until they are too weak or get disturbed too much. Every couple of weeks like clock work.

Before you have a good culture of rotifer and phytoplankton ready, I wouldn't even try to raise them. It'll only bring you disappointment. Few times later, you'll probably never gonna try again.
Congrats! Any plans to try and raise them?

We are probably gonna try and raise them after while. I want them to have the best chance of making it, so I am going to get everything set up first for it. I'll keep you posted!