Clown fish not eating


Reefing newb
Hello, I have a pair of clown fish in my relatively new tank (it was fishless cycled with live rock and live sand)... the pair have been in the aquarium for about a month now- one of them eats anything I offer- the other won't eat anything except frozen fish eggs. I've tried mysis, brine shrimp, pellets, pellets soaked in garlic, flake food, etc.... she hasn't grown at all and doesn't look to well. My hope was to get them on a steady diet of pellets, with a variety of frozen foods as a treat- but now I wonder if I should just feed her the one thing she'll eat. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks
Hello Mattisimo, I am new to reefing as well (3-4 months of experience and a lot of research). But I will try to help as much as I can. I have had the same with my clown goby. Like it couldn’t eat anything at all but rotifers etc. So with my limited experience, I would keep feeding it frozen fish eggs and try pellets or shrimp from time to time. If it one day eats, then feed more of the type of food that it is eats and slowly transition to your targeted pellet diet. Another reason is the water. Have you tested the ammonia, nitrate, salinity, nitrite and phosphate? If they are normal then you might need to give them a coral to host. Like the anemone, torch, elegance or even a hammer(mine hosted a hammer for 2 weeks). And what type of clownfish are they? You might need to take a picture and show it to someone who has more experience or your LFS if it has a sickness of some sort. Sorry if I’m wrong, because I’m new too, but that is what I’ve experienced. Hope you will find that useful.