Chunky Salt Mix


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I got one of them big buckets of salt awhile back. It was all powder when I first got it. Now the top 8" of it is hard as a rock. I just spent 45 minutes chunking it up with a big butcher knife. I rolled the bucket around on the floor to mix the lower layers of powder with the chunks on top.

WHY? I live in Colorado. It's drier than a popcorn fart most of the time. Can't be moisture from the air. Could it? I keep the lid tightly closed all the time. The only time I open the lid is when I need to mix up more water. Maybe 10 minutes--then it's sealed up tight again. I can't see the salt absorbing water from the air that fast. And it's only like 20% humidity here in Colorado--at the most. Usually it's around 15% humidity

Do you guys in the humid climates experience this problem? What can be done about it?

Is it humidity from the air? Could I have a bad batch of salt? Could this explain my recent chemistry problems?
Add rice to it!

Kidding. But that works for table salt. Don't know why it chunks up, but it does. It's probably more dry here in Arizona than it is up there, and my salt still hardens out. Luckily, once I get it into manageable blocks and I add water to it, it just dissolves anyways.
Okay. no big deal. As long as thats normal. It's been a long time, but I don't remember my salt doing this when I was a kid. Admittedly, that was 20+yrs ago and I've lost a few brain cells along the way.

Thanks Biff
The only time I've had that problem,I forgot and left the lid off for about an hour.
RC,Even though the air outside is dry,remember that your tank is producing humibity in your house.And it dont take much moisture for the salt to set up like concrete.
I have a big bucket of salt thats hard as a rock too.Salt absorbs moisture out of the air,even if its just a small amount.
When I ground up the CC, I had saltwater in the blender with the CC. It was like making malts.

I am NOT gonna put dry salt into a blender. Can you imagine the dust? :shock:
it won't make a difference with effectiveness, just a pain to get out what you need to measure the salt you need. I have never had that happen tho. Utah is even more dry than Colorado