Reefing newb
my cheato algae is not growing. some of it is turning white. it is under one CF bulb. anybody have any ideas for why it is not growing. when i first put it in a few months ago it seemed to be growing fine and now it is slowly shrinking.
My chaeto in my 45g doubled in size in very little time, and my nitrates went from 80ppm to 0....then my chaeto stopped growing, and eventually died off, and at the same time, keeping my nitrates at 0 even w/o water changes. I also had a low bioload and I fed sparingly once a day. It was definitely dying from lack of nutrients.
My chaeto looks like it's fading away...almost rotting!
I'm running a 6500k CF bulb 10hr/day NH4 is 0, N02 is 0, N03 has been climbing from 20 (2 weeks ago) to 80 (today)!
What's going on?
Do you have enough flow where you keep it? It should be gently tumbling or rolling around -- you don't want it all in a giant, thick clump. If it's rotting away, the nitrates are going up because the algae is releasing its nutrients back into the water as it dies.
I just cleaned it all out. I thought there was enough flow. I'm running around 550gph through my refugium on a 37g tank (10g fug). It never did roll when in there. I'd always have to turn it every day. If I didn't it would just sink to the bottom. Since I've got no fish in the tank. I'm going to do some 20% weekly changes until I get it back to a safe level, then try some more.
without any fish in the tank you will be hard pressed to keep chaeto alive.. It relies on the nutrients in the tank to survive, without feeding the tank on a regular basis( seeing there is no fish waste either) it wont get the nutrients it needs, And like Sarah said it will release what it took in as it dies...
I killed several batches until I put it in the display tank right under the return from my skimmer now I cant cut it fast enough it grows like an afro

i bought one of these the about two weeks ago thinking it would help out with the nitrates but it's shrinking and i still have like 20-30ppm nitrates. i figured it was my fail lighting...