Chaeto and Fern Caulerpa


Reefing newb
Anyone need some macros? Great for nutrient export. My tang and foxface love eating caulerpa too. I keep them in my refugium, where there are tons of pods crawling around. PM me if you want some.
All of my caulerpa packages have been sold. I still have tons of chaeto. I can sell tennis ball sizes of chaeto as well as golf ball sized. Just PM me which one you want!
I could totally use some Chaeto, Noob! PM me! (as I can't seem to figure out how to PM
I have fern caulerpa, grape caulerpa (I give these out free with purchases of other macros since there aren't that many grapes on it- lots of vines), caulerpa prolifera, and chaeto for sale right now. PM me the combo you want.
At the moment I'm not selling chaeto by itself, because I don't have a box for that at the moment. I'm only selling as a package- chaeto, fern caulerpa, caulerpa prolifera, and free grape caulerpa. PM me if interested!
Yeah I definitely have pods crawling all over in my fuge, but I just can't say for certain that you will get visible ones or a lot of any kind for that matter. So I don't want to out right say that you will 100% get pods.