Can anyone ID this cuke?


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I found this cucumber at my only LFS with very limited stock. He said it was a detritus eater, but it sits at the top of the rock work and extends little feathery things occasionally. Which makes me think it's a filter feeder. Can anyone verify for sure please? I haven't had much luck except that it looks most similar to a Pentacta pygmaea but can't find much of any relevant info.
BTW, I'm back after going quite a while without an aquarium. Only got a 28g Nano Cube because I want to move sometime in the future. Just glad to have a tank again...

I think your ID is accurate. It is a filter feeder. I ran into the same problem of no information out there several years ago when I had one hitchhike in. Sorry I can't be of more help.
I had one too, my serpent star ate it. They are of no harm, if it is on top of the rock work that tells it is looking for food closest to light. Try an algae wafer.
You should join wrs for local help.
Thanks for the replies! Should I try some sort of filter feeder food like Marine Snow or something similar? I've been blowing the detritus and junk off the rocks while I've been waiting for my powerhead to get here (which arrived today from Dr.'s F&S) And sorry but what is "wrs"? Or is it meant to be LRS? Last time I had my 150g running the nearest reef society was several hours away. The other night I found out we now have one in town from a customer I delivered a pizza to with a small reef setup. Got my Koralia Nano 425gph and wow I'm surprised by how small and compact it is! Once I get rid of this little bit of remaining algae I'll work on my build. Have taken pics the whole way, just not enough time to make one yet.
i had one too. my daugter bought it for me as a suprize. they eat plankton type foods, ie-marine snow or coral food etc. mine gradually faded away. i could not feed it enough. you will know when its feeding. it puts out those feathery tenticles you were mentioning and puts them in its mouth and strips off the food particles then spreads them out again. you might try spot feeding it when ever you see it open. be very slow and gentle when you feed it. just let the food sort of drip off your applicator into the tenticle as a cloud and let it grab the stuff itself or it will close as it feels threatened. you will have to experiment a bit to see what works. be prepared to feed it a lot. these little guys are beautiful when the are happy and well fed but the require a lot of work, and if you cannot feed it half a dozen times a day dont expect it to do that great. in the wild they feed almost non stop. the one i had was pentacta anceps [ i think] which is supposed to be fairly hardy. looked just like yours. these guys will move around too, looking for their happy place, so you have to keep track of them to feed them.
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