Calcium Reactor Vs. Kalkwasser

:^: So everyone is dosing their tank with something.:Buds: right. so which things do you guys perfer to us in your tanks. currently:claphands im using :fechten2: 3 K2R :shocking: :shocking: :shocking: reactors ea with their own 20lbs C02, tell me :whoopee!: what u guys are using...:bounce: :lavalamp: :lavalamp:
:shocking: Thanks man :shocking: well its one way to show some :fechten2: action not just typing some silliness :lavalamp: yea kno:compute:
Well if your getting salt creep on a nilsen reactor then you are obviously doing somethign seriously wrong.

All water going in and out of of a Nilsen reactor should be RO/DI and used as part of an Auto Top off system.

I don't know anyone who mixes Kalk with Saltwater, but hey maybe I'm in the dark.

To answer your questions I have three MRC products and they are all top notch.

Ill be using a geo 618 calcium reactor with controller. oh did i mention i also have a kalwasser reactor. just thought id throw it in for what it is worth. may never need it but have it if i do. my 1st choice would be the Kalkwasser for small sytems under 100 gal of actual water volume and a calcium reactor for larger systems.