Cageburn's 58 that made me laugh thank you :D. Do you forsee any winning of the mega millions lotto? :boldblue: or how bout scores to any big games? We can work together ya know :mrgreen:
i know i know, wish things were better on this end. heres a quick pick, ill get more up soon, sweet mini maxis acans n more!


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been a bit since Ive posted a pic lol

hes a quicki of a maxi mini. this ones starting to look alot better, when they came in the feet were tore on most of them and I didnt know if theyd make it. Theyre bouncing back slowly this ones doing the best. full screen n hd the vid

[ame=""]YouTube - Ultra Maxi Mini Carpet anemones[/ame]


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Just read through a lot of the thread and looked at a lot of pictures. Every time I thought I saw my favorite I went to another page and saw one I thought I liked better. Amazing corals you have there, just amazing!
branching dendro vid! I like vids but I wish the color came out better
[ame=]YouTube - Branching Dendrophyllia[/ame]
i wish i could get my dendros to open up like that. I don't think mine are going to live much longer because I can not ever feed them.
Brian, they love food anytime I feed the tanks they open right up. I reccomend frequent small feedings. Not big feedings occasionaly. They do very well if fed on a regular basis. Hope they start doing better for you! I feed mine mysis
mine try to start opening up when i feed the tank but they never fully open I can ever now and then get them to take food (mysis as well)
Thanks Ogaawd, stay tuned and find out :)

Bryan- when they partially open try sticking a small amount of that mysis in the center, it should stick to the tentacles and they should pull it right in. Once it goes in they will inflate and expand like crazy. Dont feed too much though or theyll puke it out.