bye bye naso..


Reefing newb
Yall are right no matter how small he is hes not happy in my tank, should of done the research... Well im tradin him in today for a hi fin red banded gody and McCosker's Flasher Wrasse.. Thanks to everyone that helped me realize that :mrgreen:
Good to hear you didnt wait to find out the hard way. it takes a lot to do that when your new to the hobby and want everything, im proud of you.
thats awesome youre looking out for the fish and your tank. at least you take constructive critcism well. some people like to find out the hard way. and you get another fish!
Good decision, I recently had to give up a white spotted puffer for the good of his tankmates so I know how you feel. You made the right choice though.:Cheers:
im glad to hear your giving up the naso for the better good of the fishes life, but look at the bright side, the fish is going to live a happier more spacious life, and you get some awesome replacement fish outta the deal