Buying second hand LED lights - how old is too old


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Hi fellow reefers
I am thinking about purchasing 2 Eco Tech G4 PRO LED lights that are approximately 2 years old running on about 70% capacity. How long can I expect these lights to produce the output that we need for our corals? They seem reasonably priced compared to new - about 50% off retail. Any suggestions or comment most appreciated. Cheers, Sean
LEDs are good for a very long time, compared to traditional lights like MH or T5, I would expect the lights to be good (pushing out high output) for another 4 years or so. My next set of light will be LED due to their longer life. I just replaced 6 T5 bulbs at a cost of $180 which would actually be a annual cost as they need to be changed at least one a year.
Hi Troy, Thanks very much for the reply. I will try and buy them. I hope I haven't left it too late.