Buying a HOB refugium


Phish Head
Question is do you think a larger one would be too much weight on the back of my tank?

The small one is: Water Capacity: 2.50 Gallons.
Dimensions: 13" L x 4.5" W x 12" T

The medium one is: 19"L x 4.5“W x 12"H. 3.60 Gallons.
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I think it would be fine. It is made to be a hang on. If you are worried, you could maybe set up a small self at the height of the bottom ot he HOB fuge and have the weight (why does this word look wrong no matter how I spell it?) taken off the back of the tank
How about a link to the 2 HOB you are looking at?

I'm using the CPR large HOB refugium on my 30g tank. I think the refugium capacity is almost 5g. It weighs about 50lbs full of water and sand. It's been hanging off my tank for 2.5yrs. The back glass is bowed, but no signs of splitting seams.
Yes, I have the small one. My only real issue with it - was a loose fitting cup. I glued a couple pieces of plexiglass in there with some super glue. Took up the space around the cup. Skimmer works a LOT better now. 1/2 the bubbles were getting past the cup before.
If you buy the CPR, they actually make a set of acrylic legs and a light to fit. Thats what I am using.

If you buy the Aquatraders, the acrylic legs for the CPR will still fit. Then buy the small PC CPR light and slap it on there. Of just buy a cheap clamp-on light at the big box and use a little 25W appliance bulb. Clamp it on the side and run with it.
The other thing about the weight Eli is that it is vertical weight. It's not pulling on your back glass, but rather pushing down on the top of it. I think the weight of either unit would be fine.
This would be perfect for that refugium:
Catalina Aquarium Economy Nano Hood - 1x13 watt

It's a little wide, but I think if you call them - they will do a custom one for you. Ask for Jim. Maybe he can stack the ballast on top to make it thinner? Tell him what you want and ask him if he can make a custom light with some legs or something. Get a plexiglass shield to keep salt creep off the inside of the fixture. If you call Jim and talk to him, he'll usually hook you up pretty good. I've bought 3 light fixtures from these guys and never had a problem. They will make just about anything you want.

Get a 10k light for it. You don't need a 50/50 light for a fuge.