BRS 'Reef Saver', and BRS Pukani dry rock comparison..


What about my dynamite?
Yay, received my first 'new' batch of live rock today. Ordered 16lbs of BRS Pukani rock, and 10lbs of BRS Reef Saver rock.

Sorry for the mess in the background.

BRS Pukani Rock. That big piece is more than a foot across, and 9-10" deep, just as a size reference. The table is 30" across.

BRS Reef Saver Rock

Both. Pukani on the upper left, Reef Saver on the lower right.

I know you can't see much of a difference in the pics, but the Pukani rock is much lighter and more porous. Each piece seemed half as heavy compared to any of the reef saver rocks of the same size. However, it is also very brittle. There was several times as much broken rubble in the bag as there was in the reef saver box, but each piece is more interesting overall. The Pukani rock has dips and valleys, and all sorts of dead skeletons and old lifeforms on it. Some have bowl shaped areas, very much like the Bali Alor rock I have in my current tank.

The reef saver rocks, while hard to see in the pics, are all shaped like boulders. They are excellent looking rocks, but each one of them is more uniform. They do not look like rocks that have been twisted and mangled with time. Rather, they look like they were eggs once, with holes having been eroded out of them. That's the best way I can put it.

Out of the two, I like the Pukani rock the best, I think in my next order, I'll order another 50lbs of it. Hope this helps anyone looking to buy some dry rock from BRS.

I'll get more pics.
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I will say that the Reef Saver rock has a rougher texture, on the surfaces between the holes.

Pukani on the left, RS on the right.

Same piece of Pukani on the left, turned. RS on the right.
16lbs of the pukani and 10lbs of the reef saver. About $160, with roughly $70 of that being shipping.