broken thermometer need help!?!


Rockin Reefers!
just pulled this out of my tank, luckily the mercury didnt break open but the small balls that make the device float came out, got most of them out of the tank but im sure i missed some, any ideas on what they are made of?? do i need to worry about a few being in there? any help would be great, thanks!

Do you have a sump?

If you do - tape some kind of filter over the end of your gravel vac. An old sock will work or a fine mesh media bag. Pair of your girlfriend/wifes pantyhose. Anything.

Tape it over the end of the hose and start the siphon. Drain it into the sump.

Now just run around and vacuum the whole bottom of the tank. Keep an eye on the water and look for lead balls as the water rises up the tube.

It might bee too heavy to pull out with a gravel vac though. It might settle to the bottom as you suck up the sand. :shock:
I had one like that and it was lead. It broke and I tasted the damn pellets and I know it was lead. Perhaps they've changed them, it was an old unit. Better safe than dead fish and coral. I'm sure it will be fine, but if one penny dropped in a tank can give it all copper imagine a penny sized wad of lead. I thought he meant those little balls that hold the thingy uprite, lead lea lead....
Lead isn't magnetic. Iron is.

Good to know because some stuck to the mag float, i went back in with my garage magnet for picking up lost bolts and im pretty sure i got them out, luckily they were isolated to a few square inches, i think it will be ok, ill keep you guys posted, thanks for the quick responses!