Bring In The Clown


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Nice looking clown. If your tank is already cycled and if your wanting to have two clown you should have added both at the same time. If you do want to add another later buy one that is either alot smaller or alot bigger. I had a pair and one died so I added a smaller and he killed him, anyway I have went through 4 clowns trying to get a pair again. Finally I found a really big clown added her a week ago and they fought for a couple days now there getting along, so when you buy a mate I would try to find the biggest one possable unless the one you have is big.
Well Im Waiting About A Month So I Keep Keep An Eye On Every Thing In The Tank Now. It Hard Trying To Feed The Clown Flake Food Because You Are Not Sure How Much He Is Going To Eat, I Dont Want To Over Feed Him And Have An Ammonia Spike . At The End Of The Week I Will Do A Water Change And Go From There.
I Think Im Going To Add A Couple Scarlet Crabs To Eat The Left Over Food That Fall To The Bottom. Them 2 Firefish.
Congratulation on your first fish!Try some frozen fish food like Ocean Nutrition Prime Reef/formula One...much better than flakes.Frozen foods contribute to less waste,more natural and the fish will love you for it.If you want something better to eat the leftovers that hit the bottom,go with Nassarius snails,either the small ones or the larger Tongans.Not only will they eat the leftovers they will keep the sand stirred.
CONGRATULATIONS ON THE ADDITION BUDDY!!! I'd have to agree with freak...I think it would be well worth it to switch over to frozen food!!!
You Know It Jellyman, Not Im Just Taking My Time And Going With He Flow , Getting Great Info Here And Everyone Has Been Awesome With Their Help!!! Thanks Again