Blue Spotted Jaw Fish

I have seen 20-30g tanks size, deeper sand bed? What makes them so hard to keep? I have a 24g nano cube I am thinking about putting one in, its got a tight lid so no carpet surfing? it will be a ways out, I am not going to spend $100 on a fish for a tank that is not stable.... I have not even started setting it up yet...
it's not that they are any harded than any other fish, it's as you stated, to spend a hard earned $100 bill on a fish to see it on the floor in a month is tough.It may seem fine, get spooked some how and it's out.I think it's just to risky for most people myself included..beautiful fish and keep us posted
a good trick for jaw fish is to keep the attinics on all night it gives them light so that they can find a good spot to dig and make their home. it also helps to keep them from jumping.
Cool... yeah that is what I thought they are just jumpers... well the lid is air tight, but I have not had the tank set up so I don't know if it gets too hot that I would have to have a fan or the lid cracked open. They are really cool fish....
they are really shy as well. You need to give them shells and crushed coral to build their den.

What do you plan to put in the tank with him?
I love mine. When I first got him I put it in a critter keeper with sand and rocks so he could get used to his tank mates and surroundings. I took the lid off after a week and he made his den.
I also used 1/4" bird netting and window screen frame to build a lid. There is no way this guy can jump. After they get settled in I don't think they will be at as big of a risk for jumping.