Black "tattoo dots


My CB Occelaris has some black dots on her tail, behind a fin and in front. Its not that parvotox or whatever because theyre not raised like Ich, but look more like theyre "tattooed". Any ideas? She still eats, temp is around 80, pH is 8.2, all Ammonia, NO3, NO4 are 0 since I know Ill be asked. And no pics. I tried and literally have 50 or so blurs and misses because the little sucker is so damned fast...
Anyway you can take pics of it? As my clowns got older they developed black spots that sound similar to what you're seeing.
I try not to be worried unless I know there's something to be worried about, otherwise I'd be worried all the time. Lol
I had a clown that tried hosting a maxi mini and also ended up with a bunch of black spots. Pretty sure it's sting marks. They started to fade after a few months.