Black Crab with hairy stripy legs with yellow tips


Reefing newb
I had 4 fish deaths recently all Blue-Green Chromis. I have only one left. I suspected a water change gone wrong, fluctuating water temps, water quality maybe. my chalk white goby's a murderer?. etc... anything could have happened, Then i look inside the large hole in a rock the Chromis use to call home and sleep in at night. I shine a torch and I find this thing. Shape and size its the same as my emerald crab but this one is black with yellow tips on its legs. So regrettably i took a hammer and chisel to the rock until the crab ran out of options.

Its still alive...Let me know if you know what it is, many thanks in advance.



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Thanks all. The pic you found looks just like it. but I type the name in Google and it's bringing up a very different crab.

LFS has him now.