Biodarwin's 55 gallons of glory

So its been like forever and a day since I have updated my tank thread. I have had HA completely take over the tank and would be embarrassed to actually post pictures of it online :(

Here is some shots of my corals:

Finally have my hammer mounted on top.

The guy that sold these to me said they were Tubbs Blues but I don't think they are, nor did they cost the "Tubbs Blues" price.

Armor of Gods

Purple Death

My favorite zoanthids I own. I don't think they have a "cool" name.

My first ever frag! Will be trading this to the LFS for some credit!

I was unhappy with the color of these at first. I dropped them to the botton 1/3 of the tank and now some cool blue and yellow colors are now more pronounced.


I will probably start another thread in the corals section with some growth shots.
I love the hammer. And you have a fine assortment of zoanthids. Don't feel bad about the hair algae. RyanG and myself are riddled with the stuff. And alto is fighting some bad algae too I believe. We all feel your pain.
Any reefer that says they've never had an algae problem is either lying,or hadnt set their tank up yet.
You got some great looking corals Bio.I'm with Alexander,I like that hammer.
Thanks Alexander and Yote. I definitely like the hammer, it was my non-zoanthid coral. I did get it to "eat" for the first time last week so that was pretty cool.

Any reefer that says they've never had an algae problem is either lying,or hadnt set their tank up yet.

My algae issues are definitely starting to go away. For the life of me I could not figure it out. Then I realized I bought a used light fixture and looked back at my notes and my bulbs were pretty much 10 months old. I replaced my 2 10k's with 12k 50/50's. I have not replaced my blue lights yet. I will probably order them next Friday when I get paid. Honestly I know very little about lighting. I have spent all of my research time trying to learn the more "important" aspects of reefing.

Can anyone recommend what blue lights would go with my above bulbs?
Definitely pretty close. I also got some african blue hornets about a week ago. They look really cool but I definitely into the larger polyps'ed zoanthids like the armor of gods I have.
Thats the key.Balancing growth with colors.
I'm burning Phonix 14000K 250W HQI in my fixture and love the colors and growth I'm getting with em.Plus they give a nice lite blue color to the water.

I posted a new FTS in my thread.It'll give you an idea of what the 14000Ks would look like.
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I am thinking about buying this next Friday:

It is pretty much over kill for my tank but I want a skimmer that has the ability to run carbon in a media bag so I can remove my Biowheel from my tank. I'm not quite sold on it either. I think it will work tooo good. My tank is mostly going to be zoanthids and they typically prefer the higher nutrient type systems. the other big advantage of this skimmer is the pumps are not in the tank.

The other one I looked at was this:
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Either one of those should be a good choice for your tank.
But I'm also one of those that thinks you can never skim enough.
Matter of fact,I'm working on plans for a new skimmer myself.