Bimac Octopus


FAMILY - Octopodidae

SCIENTIFIC NAME - O. bimaculoidesis

COMMON NAME - California Two Spot or Bimac Octopus

SIZE - Mantle size of 7 inches (17.5cm) and arms to 23 inches (58cm).

RANGE - Eastern Pacific: mid California coast into Mexico. Indo-Pacific: East Africa to American Samoa, north to Japan, south to the Great Barrier Reef

MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 55 US Gal. (208 L)

CARE LEVEL – This invert should only be kept by dedicated experts with several years experience keeping marine fish and inverts.

FOODS AND FEEDING - Hatchlings are fed live amphipods or mysid shrimp, a couple months after hatching should be fed live crabs such as fiddler crabs, shrimp such as ghost shrimps, or baby clams. Try to convert from live foods to meaty frozen foods

REEF COMPATIBILITY - Can be kept with some low light, non-stinging coral such as LPS or softies. Will eat most fish and all clean-up crew and ornamental crustaceans

CAPTIVE CARE - This is a beautiful creature which lifespan ranges from one to one and half years. They prefer long aquariums with lots of well-placed rock to hide in and a tight fitted top so that they cannot escape. Any small holes they might be able to fit through, tape some astroturf to that area. Lighting can range from low wattage HO T5's to Power compacts. Metal Halides are a no and LED's have not been tested but it is also not recommended. This species of octopus is very intelligent and friendly. Some scientists say that it has about the same intelligence as an average cat. This being said many have different personalities and like toys such as lego blocks. They may bite you out of curiosity, and the bite hurts as much as a bee sting. Like all invertebrates they are extremely sensitive to nitrates and copper, and even tiny amounts are lethal to them.

Please only try if you have done an extensive amount of research and you are experienced with Saltwater Aquariums. For more in depth information please go to TONMO - The Octopus News Magazine Online