Best place to buy crabs, snails etc.

You can get them at liveaquaria marine depotlive, etc. Anyplace that sells livestock online should have them. Tampa Bay Saltwater also sells them.
Well, you asked for the BEST and Cheapest stuff online.

Thats a bit of an oxymoron.:wink:

My friend runs a small security business (ADT home security). When customers ask about his "customer service" policies, he says this,

"We have 3 levels of customer service. Every single customer gets to pick 2 of those levels. So, you get 2 complete levels of customer service with us. It covers more than just one level, like most companies offer. Would you like to hear about those 3 levels of customer service?"

Of course, the customer always says, "Yes!!"

"Okay, first we got CHEAP. Then we got FAST. And finally, we got GOOD."


"Pick 2"


The point is, you don't ever get all 3. Nobody does. Good and cheap ain't gonna be fast. Fast and good ain't gonna be cheap. Cheap and fast ain't gonna be good.

You're asking for cheap inverts, but you want the best quality. That doesn't happen. If you want quality livestock, it's gonna cost ya.

I'd buy that type of livestock locally. Inverts are delicate. They require excellent water conditions and handling practices. Not all local fish stores will treat their livestock as carefully as we'd hope. But you should be able to find a store locally that has knowledgeable staff and will help you pick the best animals for your tank.

Buying livestock over the internet is risky. I know Foster Smith offers a "live guarantee, but I'm not sure about any other places. Foster Smith ain't cheap though. :mrgreen: Either buy GOOD over the internet, or buy locally. Buying CHEAP on the internet will yield a stinking box of dead animals in about 2 days when it arrives.

Just my opinion. YMMV.
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depending on how much you order, use liveaquaria or reeftopia. Or try to get in on a group buy in your local reef club.
Oh, I didn't know they were the same now. I knew that they were both owned and run by Drs. Fosters and Smith (they were sister sites), but now I guess they've merged into the same store? I never knew the difference between the stuff, Live Aquaria and ETropicals always had the same stuff for sale, but ETropicals was always a little bit cheaper for some reason.
How the hell do you order anything from GARF? I think it's a great place to learn and do research but I can't figure out how to buy.