best fish choice for reef tank


Reefing newb
I have finally got my 90 gal reef going excellently with 3 fish only--I am thinking of getting maybe 2 more fish and I need some suggestions--at present I have a pretty large damsel a large yellow tang and a medium hippo tang what ideas for the best (and safest ) bang for the buck??
I would recommend a flame angelfish (only one) and if you can shell out some money a purple tang is crazy beautiful. Side note the purple tang may outgrow the tank at adulthood.
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The flame angel can be aggressive if another fish enters its territory but as long as the tank is above 70G he'll be fine. and mandarin dragonets are very peaceful but they are carnivores so they need meat in their tank. They get about 4" max. hope it helps!
if you put a purple tang in there he is going to take over the tank. maybe not right away but it will happen. they can get super nasty. plus your tank is too small for any more tangs. eventually you are going to have to move the 2 you have into something bigger. if they are seeming to be getting nerotic about swimming back and forth its because they need more room. your hippo is especially pron to that. my tank is 7 ft long and i have a hippo- purchased at 3" now 7 " every once in a while he goes nuts and screams around the tank for hours. the smaller the tank the more stress they suffer because they can't move around enough. stronger water current can help because they have to work harder to swim
I have a pink spotted as well (Mr. Pinkerton) and he's a joy! Doesn't bother anything and perches around the tank. My dog loves him as well and hops up onto a stool to look at him when he's out on the sandbed.