Best Anemone For Reef Tank

I have a question for everyone concerning which anemone to get for my 120 gallon reef tank. I have two Clarkii Clown fish and they seem to have this need for a home. For a while they acted like my Flower Pot Coral was a anemone but I covered for a while with a clear bowl with hole to break them of the habit. I want to get them a anemone but the last one I had, a bubble tip, moved all over my aquarium.

The question I pose is this: Is there a anemone that wont move much or at all that the Clarkii Clown Fish will like as a home?
1st off, all nems will move it their not happy with their environment.
2nd, keeping the fish away until the nem is settled in will be a chore.
3rd, the rbta has been my choice for 2 reasons. 1 is that they will host clowns and the beauty. They are also called the 4 color nem. Mine have not moved yet in 10 months, so i am brave to say their happy. I love the purple long tip nem also, but ive never had the species therefore im not able to speak on them.
Water must be perfect for the nems to make it, alot of folks start with the gbta, i really dont think they are as hardy. Stay away from the condy due to their amount of walking around.