Benny the Blenny

My newest addition is a Bicolor Blenny named Benny so Ginger the Firefish now has a tankmate. He is acclimating now, but I just had to tell someone and you guys are the only ones who care about my tank LOL. I will get a pic as soon as he is settled in.
#2 on my stocking list was actually supposed to be a Tailspot, but LFS couldn't get that right now so I improvised and I'm glad I did. He is so cute!!!!!
He was perched on a rock at LFS and as soon as I walked up to the tank and held my finger up to the tank he was right there following it around. I know, he was probably just hungry, but it was so cute. They fed him so he came home with a full tummy.
May take longer than I thought to get a pic up. He is still hanging on the back side of the rock he went to last night when he was first introduced. Playing peekaboo, but too quick for me to snap a pic. Every time the dogs bark his little head pops up. I did see him grab one piece of frozen when it floated by so he must have an appetite.
Here's my little guy. He goes from rock to rock and just watches. Very rarely do I see his whole body, except at feeding time and then he is so quick about darting up to grab food then right back down to a rock.


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Aww, what a cutie! Both of the blennies I have were quite shy for several weeks, but now they are super social. Give him time and I am certain you will see much more of him in a few weeks :)