Beer loving hermit crab.


Tanerious Swimeroundus
So I woke this morning to my hermit crab, with his new home, of a beer bottle cap. Turns out my loving father dropped it in because his friend told him that his hermits used to do that >_>. When I proceeded to respectfully yell in his ear, he said he "washed it off real good" before. Anyway, i cant even find the crab now, will this beer cap effect anything with my water quality? Urgh..
Lol I'll try an take one tmrw morning. Very tired, and cold, sleeping in an un heated trailer during Winnipeg winter sucks
+1 if it looks like this.


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I think it would be interesting to have a few of these walking around, just for the learning experience of what really goes on in those shells. :shock:


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those are pretty awesome!

I have land hermit crabs so i've seen all their lil butts and crap and have watched them go into some interesting things as homes, but that is hilarious