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Reefing newb
good morning LIVING REEFS! can you give me more infomation on the sabellid worm? I read JHNRB article and did a yahoo image search for the type of worm I think i have in my tank. It appears to be a sabellid worm but it has no crown, it has a hole in the rock at the bottom, I captured it on my camcorder using the night lite and what i seen is that it extended out of its hole at least 6 inches or more, it appeared to be pulling algae off of the rocks but I am not sure. Is it a good worm to have? It's pretty long, not sure how long when fully extended, it retreats when the lights come on. There's nothing else in the tank other than about 35#'s of live rock and some (CaribSea) aragonite sand.

tank spec:
55 gal
35 to 45 #'s lr
caribsea aragonite sand 2 to 3 inches