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well guys now that I lost my retail job due to the economy i have some free time on my hand (to say the least) and i was wondering if you guys knew of any other articles (non Liv. Reef articles) on marine tank lighting dealing with spectrums and how to choose your lights, t5's things of that nature. Cuz when it comes to lights i dont know jack,LOL.
Side note: who is the lighting guru or gurus here, so i can know who to turn to?


Acros. How the heck can you guys ID them so quickly when there seems to be so many kinds out there. and when you see the acro what are the key features you all are looking for to help you Id them. Or do you just look at the picture and go hunt for it in a reference book/site.

thnx in advance yall
for me when it comes to id-ing acros it just comes down to me seeing pictures of them enough that i can look and just know from seeing it so often
This should help with your lighting questions

And when comes to IDing SPS.The more of them you see,the easier it is to ID them.Acro is also just a general term used to describe a lot of corals.
I'd recommend picking up a book called Aquarium Corals by Eric Borneman.It'll give you alot of insight on all types of corals.