Aquatic connection VS Live Aqauria


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I know we all love Live Aquaria. How about Aquatic connection? The reason I ask is they seem to differ on care levels of fish and corals some. For example One lists the hard tube CoCo worm as easy(great for begginers and new reefs) and the other says its difficult and for established reefs only??? So who is right and what is your opinion?
It's called AquaCON for a reason. Don't shop there. You'll get ripped off. And their advice is usually bad too.
That is horrible advice.Cocoworms are on one of most difficult animals to keep in a home reef system.

Aquacon has a bad reputation on the net,stay far away from them.
Well i think i got the order cancelled!!!!!! ye haa. I hate it tho. I had ordered some really nice stuff.
yea they have awesome picture on their site, awesome stock pictures.... their live stock is in bad shape and if you get them and they look like the picture its from cyanide poisoning. they spend more time on the site than anything else.
^^ This is basically why. They have a reputation of not sending you what you ordered, and then refusing to give your money back if you ask for a refund.
Ordering something through the mail and then having them not deliver it at all may be considered a case of mail fraud.
I think they do deliver stuff, it's just not what was pictured on their website. And I'm sure they are probably smart enough to have some sort of disclaimer saying that "what you buy may not look exactly like the picture" or whatever.

The problems I've heard of is that what people order and what people end up getting usually are very different, and then they have a hard time getting their money back.
well if they dont have that disclaimer then I think I will order from them and if they send my something that isnt pictured I can sue for false advertisement