Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

A good cleaning today and some new frags, of course with new frags you have to move some things around.


It's Hammer Time!

And another Acan
I agree Salt. Filling up a tank is always a awesome thing. Usually forces a upgrade :D! Try for a cube if you do upgrade Aquarian. They are great if you're limited on space! :)
Yeah I'm going to let this one grow out for a while. Were trying to get a new place next year, that's when the big tank comes in.
I love the cube tanks. My wife wants one as a planted tank. So I think I will get one and load it up with mangroves for her:D
Last Saturday I ordered the Reef Octopus 90-HOB skimmer and it arrived on Tuesday. I think it's the best $180 I've spent on the tank. It was very simple to assemble and install, and began making it's poo tea almost immediately. It was a little taller than I expected which forced me to rework my hood and mount my light on top of the hood. Which was for the best the spotlighting of the LEDs has stopped and the colors are more balanced throughout the tank. Today I added another 8.5 lbs of base rock and rescaped the right side of my tank.


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Tank looks great aquarian. Keep us updated on how that hob skimmer works. Was thinking of getting that same one just a smaller model instead of my internal one. Sweet looking reef you got going on.