Aquarian's 36g Bow Front

Haddoni is the one she likes.
Man those things stick to anything. I almost never convinced mine to release my hand. Talk her into a H. malu. Those are my favorite and stay smaller than the H. crispa. I tell you this and I don't even have one right now:p I am probably going to trade in my haddoni for one in the very near future;)
+1 on the sticking to you i have even had mine strike at me while cleaning the tank they look great but im going to go back to a bta
Great pictures! You're getting good with that phone camera. ;)
I had to give up the phone camera once I changed the lights, these are from my sony a3000 which is WAY more advanced than I am :ROFLMAO: Maybe someday I'll figure it all out but I wouldn't hold my breath :sick::ROFLMAO:


great pics steve and you dont have to lie to us your an addict the next move is a bigger tank:D:D:D:D:D i have a 55 gal for sale;)
That's funny every time we walk past them I point out a 120 I like, and today at another LFS we go to my wife found a 72 half circle RR that she fell in love with. So yeah that will be the next step. :thumbsup: