Another ID needed...Carpet this time


Reefing newb
I bought this from petco under the ID of "assorted Carpet" ... a positive Id would be great since I don't think I got the right ID from the store associate



or a link 10 Gallon Tank Photos by smalltowngal86 | Photobucket to my photobucket with more pics of it.
They may, then again they may not. Clowns are crazy, and sometimes will host something you'd never expect, like say, a powerhead.
Ok thanks! I didn't think that I got the right ID on it from the store after I got to looking at other peoples anemones on the forums.
My clown likes to hang out around the anem.... but he isn't actually hosting it if that makes sense. Before I added it Tuesday not Friday (sorry) he was hanging out over on the complete opposite side of the tank. Since adding this one he now stays closer to it. Although it started moving last night because my hermit was messing with it. So I guess we will see where it ends up. If the hermit keeps messing with it the hermit will have to go. Its a rather large hermit..
I lost a clown to a maxi mini. They may be small but they have a potent sting. I've never seen a clown host a maxi before but cant say it's impossible. Where they dont get very big, I bet they would get irratated and move to another spot if a clown was persistant enough. My clown went right for it when i put it in the tank. He got stuck to the nem and had a bunch of sting marks that took well over a year to fade.
Wow... he doesn't try to host it but likes to hover around and kind of off to the side of it. I have had more trouble out of the hermit around it than the clown.
My ocellaris clownfish got too close to my maxi mini (about 3 inches diameter) and he got stung. He was wriggling for a few seconds.
I think the sting was too strong for his tolerance. The poor guy never made a second attempt.

I am not sure if other maxi minis can host other clowns, but at least in my tank it does not look like it will happen.
My stupid Naked Clown hosts a return nozzle....He's a typical moron clown....(don't confuse with maroon....I meant moron)