anbody know what this stuff is?!


Reefing newb
its like a red algae type stuff thats on the bottom floor and on some of the live rock, somebody said it might be caused by having the lights on too long, so i reduced the lighting schedule and cleaned all the "algae"? off and alast, its back...somebody also said it might be due to the lack of current and flow in the tank, even though i feel it is fine and reaches almost all parts of the tank...anybody have any idea of what this stuff might be and how to get rid of it? I was trying to post pics but I am at a loss as to how, i tried to upload them and they wouldn't go...
The easiest way to post pics is to get a Photobucket account (free), upload your pics into Photobucket, then cut and paste the code into your post.

Sounds like either cyanobacteria or diatoms to me.
i have two pics of it, i just cant seem to upload them onto the host server? all the water params are in check, the nitrate is a little higher than usual...
nitrate is about 10ppm...its kinda like a carpet i would say, it kinda covers some spots on the sandbed...also in the darker red areas theres kinda like this hair stuff? and it kinda like sways with the current and whatnot, im gonna try and get this photo up but have to go to work in a little, might try when i get home
Nitrates at 10 ppm are fine.

Definitely sounds like cyanobacteria (red slime algae). I agree that you probably don't have enough flow in your tank. Cyanobacteria can't establish itself if the current is strong enough. You probably also have excess nutrients, probably phosphate. You could try running phosphate removal media like PhosBan, RowaPhos or PhosGuard.

How long do you keep your lights on for?

What animals do you have in your tank and how often/how much do you feed them?
i am having deja vu. It seems like we have answered this very question before. Check the past postings for great advice. It is a wonderful source of information

i feed them usually once or twice a day, marine 2 pellets and some brine shrimp, still have the original 4 damsels ( cant get those bastards out) so i just leave them, they seem to get along fine with the others...also have a pac. blue tang, 2 clown fish, 15 or so snails, green emerald crab...

i leave the lights on for about 8 hours, the main flow source is from the return pump from the sump, it is angled cady corner from the corner its setup in, and it seems alot of flow gets circled throughout the tank...maybe i need another powerhead for additional flow?
yes. You need to add at least one more if not two powerheads. Our tanks love flow, think of the ocean - lots of flow there. Also, stop feeding pellets, they tend to contribute to cyano problems. Feed only cubed, frozen foods. better for the fish and for your system.

Your lighting cycle is fine. add the powerheads and I bet the cyano goes away on its own

Ditch the pellets. Pellets and flake foods contain ash which lead to algae problems.

If your main source of flow is just the sump return, that's nowhere near enough. I would add two powerheads.
FYI, I believe your tank is pretty small for a Tang. even if it fits in size, they need incredible amounts of room to swim and not feel stressed out. In a 55, they just don't have enough room to get out and swim. It will cause stress and a short life, which could result in giving your other fish Ich as they die from Ich-related stress.

You've got good advice here.And I agree with em.
Go ahead and leave your lights off for 3 or 4 days too.That should help clean out whats in there now.
ok so, the weirdest thing, i posted this message before i went to work, and now i get home, to see basically all that red stuff is not there anymore!? its the strangest thing too because for the last few days it was there, like really noticable, and now i get home from work and, bam! all gone, awesome! and yea that makes sense with the pellets, basically all the fish like the brine shrimp except the blue tang, he goes bananas over those pellets though, i must say lol
Basically,the cyano use up all the nutrient and is now dieing off,which is a good thing.I would switch from feeding brine to mysis shrimps.Brine has no nutritional value unless its been vitamin enriched.