Amazing fish transformations, Pacific Islands


Reefing newb
Many fish undergo startling changes as they transition from their juvenile phase to the adult. After the Caribbean version of Amazing Transformations, we now present part 1 of the Pacific Islands Amazing Transformations. We begin with the Koran Angelfish. The Juvenile displays the striking blue, white, and black semicircular stripes and colors that eventually fade into the adult color pattern with the intense blue markings remaining on the head, fins, and tail. The next fish is the twinspot wrasse. The juvenile is very colorful with it's bright orange double saddles on it's back and the two very obvious false eye spots above the orange. The face is a blizzard of black spots that conceal the actual eyes so predators strike at the false eyes and allow the fish to escape. This fish transitions from a 2 inch fish to a 4 foot long adult with several color changes along the way. The twinspot is definitely not a fish for a home aquarium. The last fish is the remarkable Oriental Sweetlips. This is the one transitioning fish that always mystifies me. I have a hard time believing that the juvenile, and the adult are the same species.
If you have the bandwidth, watch it in 1080 HD. The videos to make this production were shot in Fiji, Bali, and Rarotonga, in the Cook Islands. First song credit : Samudra Visions Video Gary and Fran Nesmith