Alternate Impeller for MJ900?


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I'm pretty sure the MJ1200 impeller will fit the MJ900. Thereby making the 9000 a 1200 and increasing the flow to 295gph.

I'm not really after the increase in flow. Otherwise I'd buy one of those mod kits to make it flow lik 8 million gph

What I'm after, is a NEEDLEWHEEL impellor that will fit the MJ900 or MJ1200.

Does anyone know if any of the nedle wheel impellers will fit the MJ powerheads?

If they make a needlewheel for them,I dont know of it.
It's so tempting to buy the needlewheel for a Rio or some other powerhead. Might work. Probably cost me $15 to find out. :grumble:

I wonder if it's possible to mod the stock impeller assembly on the MJ1200? I'm thinking I might drill a few holes in the blades or saw some grooves in the blades. Maybe that would chop the incoming water a bit more?

I don't care about the loss of flow from modding the impeller blades. This is for the 10g fragano (thanks Biff--she gets credit for coining the phrase) . Even if I loose 25% of the pumping volume, it'll still be a lot for this size tank. It's the pump thats plugged into my refugium.
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Worst thing that could happen,is have to buy a new impeller.So its worth a shot.