Algae scrubber based an principle of communicating vessels


Reefing newb
I am thinking to build an algae scrubber based on the "principle of communicating vessels" from physics.

This principle says when using two receipients linked together with a U-shaped water-hose, if you pur water in one of them, the water goes in the other one untill both levels of water reached the same altitude in both receipients.

Now everything is static here and no pump is necessary and no water movement after the water level is up on the second/small receipient.
My question raised now would be if the alage are migrating throught hose from the tank to the new receiping withouth using suction?


I can as well be using a Marine land hang on back filter with some plastics as scrubbers and a red small light running 24/7. Does the trick work? It should!
That's called a U-tube style siphon. That's exactly what overflow boxes use (for people that add a sump to their system without drilling a tank).

A pump is necessary to move the water back to the first container. Algae releases spores. Spores are microscopic and are in the water.
I would go and read up on Algea Scubbers in Santa Monica's thread in the DIY section. You need adequate flow and a large enough surface area. I dont think you would have enough surface area in a HOB filter no matter how large it is. Also, if there is no water movment, as in your first example, there wouldnt be any nutrient export to where you are trying to grow your algea.


Thank you i have read that thread but i have a question;
where can i get that film from? What exactly is it? Home Depot?
I just had a briliant idea of using a Rena X3 canister filter for this purpose. The water flows in cascade, the body of canister is transparent and a light can be set up. Just th film needs to be installed.

So where can i get the film?