Algae and Nitrate Probs


Reefing newb
Had my 30 gallon for about 2 years now. I haven't been at this site for ages! I had a good go but recently I lost all my soft coral and anemone. My fish are doing fine. I have been having a bit of an algae problem since it is growing over my liverock and it pretty ugly to look at. I just tested my levels and my nitrates are way up.

I am looking to bring the algae down- I replaced my T5 lights and found that my actinic was burned out for awhile. The new lights are way brighter and I think that my lighting was part of the problem. I am going to run a phosphate reactor once I get it all set up. I changed my light schedule to shorten up the time the lights are on. I also am planning on replacing all the rough crushed coral bed I have always had with a sand bed.

Any ideas on reducing the algae and nitrates?

I could use some suggestions.
I dont run a reactor but I started using chemi-pure elite when I had a bad algae out break. Took about two weeks but I have 0 hair algae now.
Ok- thanks. What about cutting back on the feedings... say every other day. And some pretty aggressive water changes. What would that look like without endangering the tank?
I have never reduced feedings on my fish. I feed 4 X's a day without risking water quality and having happy fish.

Good water quality= open rock work, water flow, and water changes. I like American (fat) reef fish!