Agression with my six line wrasse and firefish


Reefing newb
I recently started a 28g nano reef tank, and about four days ago I added a new inhabitant, a cardinalfish. Previously I had a flametail blenny, six line wrasse, and a firefish. My firefish and my sixline wrasse had been doing great until I added the cardinalfish and now the wrasse is keeping him pinned inside my rock and chases him back into the hole whenever the firefish comes out to feed.

Is this because of the lack of space in the tank and the wrasse is trying to "create" a more comfortable environment for himself by eliminating the firefish?

and would rearranging the rock so there is more space for the firefish and cardinalfish make any difference potentially?
You are right, the wrasse is seeing his personal space get smaller and is taking it out on the firefish. The 6 lines can be meanies like that.

I dont think removing the new fish will fix the situation, i think your best bet is to turn the lights off for a few days and rearrange the rock. You can also try putting up a small mirror so that they wrasse will go after his reflection instead of the firefish.
thanks i rearranged the rocks today and the firefish came out for a bit, but i haven't seen him in a few hours, that's not really a huge concern to me though as long as he comes out occasionally and gets food.

the mirror thing seems like a good idea as well so I may try that if the problem continues.