adding clowns with clowns in the tank


something smells fishy
I have 2 clowns in my tank right now (good sized compared to what you normally get in the store) and I want to know if I could add a couple more to the mix of the same species? they look smaller than the ones in my tank. My buddy is getting a tank but can't set it up yet so I'm taking the live rtock and was thinking of takingthe clowns too? any thoughts also might see if a lfs would take them for a little $$$
Generally speaking, once you have a pair of clowns, any other clowns will be met with severe aggression, to the point of death for some or all of the clowns. The only way that won't be the case is if they are added at the same time (and there is still no guarantee here) or you have a system that is several hundred gallons