A small tank evolves over a year and a half.


Reefing newb
Here is Aus we had a severe cyclone do a lot of damage around late January, this was at our Australia day weekend.
The way my bottom tank looked and was performing till late January 2013 was great, it was a bit more work then I would prefer keeping it like that, till that Aus day catastrophic power outage from Cyclone Oswald killed most all of it.
So from my stupidity in trusting our power supply and not getting a generator, it was back to square one!
From coning up here in 1977 I can not remember the power off for more then 4 hours, till then!
A cheap one from aldi fixed all that.
These are pics of how I screwed up by trusting that I will always have power reduced to a nothing tank, to not such a hard work tank any more.
As always-another screw up of the thousands I have made is hopefully learnt from. I also changing everything and all out of my top tank as it am getting bored with it, for me having mostly sps in that one is so boring! This first pic was 2 weeks before Oswald.

A few weeks after Oswald.

Morphs go in.

Morphs and much more doing well

Sun corals the next day from introduction just before lights out doing well.

Sponge and some more algae in.

Beautiful tank, I've been poking around your site looking at all of the pictures. Wish I could come down there and take some critter back here to the USA with me. :D