A brand new salty mommy here!


Reefing newb
Well here I am! New to everything that has to do with salt water and looking forward to enjoying my tank for a very long time!
A tank showcase?

And btw, I love your signature.

If I had just one last wish, I would like a tasty fish! :1listen:
Thanks coolhand. Thats something i have learned the hard way. u.u

And im a nerd too little_fish but i think its a great movie!
Welcome aboard, this site is a phenominal learning tool...these guys know their stuff and are very helpful and patient. I found that using the search tab saved me from asking lots of stuff that has been brought up in the past...just my :twocents: Good luck! Hope your experience is as good as mine has been...
Wow! You guys are great! I have been apart of other forums before but i've never been this welcomed like this!

Thank you all so much! :D:bounce: