75G startup

I am just at a loss, I would have thought 46 gallons of fresh saltwater would lower nitrates...I have no fish or inverts in the tank producing nitrates

maybe I need to do another WC today?
the nitrates were reading 20ppm or a little higher before the WC and now they still read in the 20ppm range, maybe a shade lighter

I have not had the LFS test the water, that was my next step...all the hitchhikers are doing good, moving around at night and the mushrooms on one of my LR pieces open fully during the day
That would be the next step I took by comparing the results of another test to yours. You already did over a 50% water change and had little to no change. I am interested to see what another test shows you.
If you are using a api test they can give false readings on trates. My test has always been good but it is also the saltwater only test. I have noticed the one labeled salt and fresh seems to give false trate readings. Which totally make no sense to me because they are "suppose" to be the same. :dunno:
yeah I have the freshwater/saltwater...I will be buying the salt only kit

I did pick up two babies tonight, my Nitrates tested at 10 ppm after a 16G water change...tested my Ammonia and Nitrites with both being 0, PH has been constant at 8.0 and Salinity at 1.025 so I went for it and will be doing a WC tomorrow

I dripped them for 1 hour and their names are Yamaha & Suzuki (we ride ATV Motocross lol)
they aren't really sure about the MP40 yet so I cranked it down to 40%...I put that foam nitrate magnet on it because I was scared they would get sucked in lol
I am hoping so...they do swim right in front of the sump return so I think they are liking the new flow

the tank they were in was a 10G with an empty biowheel for flow so I am pretty sure they are not use to it yet
should I get an Anemone for these guys? if so which kind would be best

If I get one, then I won't add any coral so it can get situated without killing anything